For some people, the thought of camping (let alone supercar camping) might bring you out in a cold sweat. It might also encourage comments, such as, “Over my dead body” or “I’d rather stick pins in my eyes”, etc etc. If you’re of that ilk then you’ve probably already clicked to another page. 

However, (and bear with us here), while camping and supercars might not seem like natural bedfellows, the two actually have more in common than you might think. Not yet convinced? Well, consider the following:

  1. Supercars aren’t really built for comfort. Instead, they’re built for the very things that petrol heads crave – power and speed. Indeed, unless you’re in the realms of the Mclaren 650S or the Acura NSX, then the driving experience hasn’t exactly been optimised for your comfort. And guess what? Camping is the same! While you might not get to snuggle on a memory foam blanket cosseted by four walls and air con/heating (delete as appropriate), what you do have is ultimate freedom. Plus, if you get the location right – an idyllic backdrop that you don’t have to share with anyone.
  2. You need to be a bit ‘out there’ to camp – or drive a supercar: And that, surely, is a reason to do both. After all, who the heck wants to be normal? (What is normal, anyway?).
  3. They’re both perfect for minimalists: Happy campers know exactly what they can do without while still remaining in (relative) comfort. Supercar makers – and by association, their drivers – have also learned to live without those little luxury driving extras.

Enough of all that. What about the Practicalities of Camping with a Supercar?

First and foremost – supercar camping is possible. With a little forethought, there’s nothing stopping you loading up the boot and/or even the roof (yes, really) with a few little comforts that allow you to spend a few (or many) nights under the stars.

Now, we’re not pretending that you’ve got room to pack a lot of kit. Attempting to squeeze all your gear into the storage of a supercar is like trying to find room in the overhead lockers when you’re last to board a Ryanair flight!   But… The camping industry has spent mucho money and effort creating decent gear that’s ever-smaller and ever-lighter. Designed so long distance hikers, runners, cyclists and the like can go native for weeks on end, it’s perfect for camping with your supercar. The kit might not be cheap, but you’ll be amazed at what’s out there and how comfortable it can make a supercar camping trip.

Can’t Do Without Kit: Somewhere to sleep

Unless you’re going Australian and rolling up in a swag, this is going to mean a tent. Now, we have seen pictures of roof tents added to Porsches – something that requires specialist roof bars added to the car. We’re not suggesting anything so extreme. Instead, go for ultra-light tents that are made by companies such as Terra Nova and MSR

Partner them with a decent sleeping mat and you’ll be surprised at quite how good a night’s sleep you can have. Top tip – going for a slightly bulkier sleeping mat, such as the Exped Mega Mat might mean sacrifices in other areas of storage, but we promise that it’s worth it….

Decent bedding is another must-have item. Snuggly sleeping bags that pack into a miniscule bag is the kind of camping tech we were alluding to. Alpkit do a great selection of synthetic sleepers, including traditional cocoon style or those that unzip into a quilt.

There’s so much good camping kit out there, just be sure to check you’ve packed the necessities. While supercar camping is, by nature, minimalist, at a bare minimum you’ll need:

  • Water, and a way to boil it for your morning cuppa
  • PJs
  • A ground sheet to run between the car and your tent
  • Food and cooking utensils
  • A change of clothes/warm layer (this is the UK, after all). And while we’re on that subject – don’t forget the waterproofs

Supercar camping locations

The next practicality is where you plan to go. While the world is your oyster if you’re driving, say, a Land Rover Defender, a Ferrari or Lambo doesn’t offer quite the same flexibility. Most importantly, supercars certainly don’t have anywhere near the ground clearance, meaning you need to keep to decent(ish) roads. 

This does limit your choices somewhat. But with a little imagination you can still wild camp with a supercar. Areas such as Northumberland National Park are a fab example, with responsible camping actively encouraged by the forestry commission. You simply pull up in a car park and pay your tenner (or whatever it costs) into an honesty box. You’ll likely be the only person there to enjoy one of the UK’s best Dark Sky locations.

The area and coastline from North Lincolnshire up to North Yorkshire is also a beautiful and relatively wild part of our wonderful island. Plus you could stop off for a track day at Cadwell Park to blow away the cobwebs.

Other, further afield locations (post-pandemic, it goes without saying) that offer true supercar camping potential include the mountains of Europe. We also love the azure shores of the South of France. And if you don’t mind the shipping faff of getting your car there, the good ol’ US of A. For the latter you’ll need a specialist transporter, such as Straight Eight Logistics. These guys are truly experienced in the movement of super and classic cars by air, sea or land.

So yes! With some care, planning, and a will to do something a little bit different, it’s truly possible to go camping with your supercar. 

Or, of course, you could simply book into a decent hotel…

Can’t decide what car to take? We’ve already compared supercars to grand tourers for you.