Radical Rally: Coronavirus response & what’s coming in 2021

There’s no getting away from it, we have to mention the dreaded C word. COVID, the pandemic – however you refer to the damn thing – has had a serious impact on the rollout of many anticipated events for Radical Rally. Coronavirus led to a total halt to the two events we had planned, the 2020 Welsh Weekender and the 2020 Grand Tour.

But we’re not ones to look backwards. So, with the successful vaccine rollout, the possibility of immunity passports (in whatever form this takes) and the news that we’re on the brink of herd immunity, while it’s important to consider what’s occurred over the past year, even more importantly it’s time to look forward to what we might be able to achieve in the latter half of 2021.

Why we Cancelled our Events

We’re pretty sure that everyone’s up to speed with why the virus caused the cancellation of most group events over the last 12 months. However, at Radical Rally, Coronavirus gave us additional aspects to consider, over and above those of tourism and hospitality industries that run from a fixed location. 

A lot of complex planning goes into every event we offer. And, of course, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of all who get behind the wheel and head out on a Radical Rally adventure.

Some of the issues we had included:

  • The ever-changing travel risks and restrictions
  • Last minute hotel closures
  • Becoming stranded overseas 
  • Trying to secure hotel bookings was, to put it bluntly, a nightmare
  • Restrictions meant that our minimum tour numbers risked breaking lockdown rules
  • Carrying enough PPE in a supercar was going to be challenging (it’s hard enough to cram in your smalls, let alone boxes of masks, hand sanitizer, gloves etc…)

We thought long and hard about the impact of running our events during the pandemic. We certainly didn’t want to deliver a sub-par event (that’s not what we’re about). So in April 2020 we reluctantly took the decision to cancel all events for the rest of the year.

As the long days of lockdown rolled by, we briefly considered whether or not to plan something for the summer after restrictions were lifted for a while. But international rules weren’t the same as ours and, with hindsight, we’re so glad we made that choice as the R rate was definitely on the rise throughout the UK and Europe during that period.

When it came to the Radical Rally—Coronavirus battle of 2020, we, along with pretty much every other niche tourism/travel provider, had no choice but to throw our towel in the ring…

What’s in Store for 2021?

OK, so enough about the past. What about what we can do going forward?

The Sandbanks to Monaco Grand Tour is still waiting to be confirmed. For those that have signed up or those who’re waiting to do so, we do have the flexibility to move bookings back a little. However, this will be dependent on the lifting of restrictions in the UK and what happens in Europe.

Keep up to date with the very latest on this exciting trip at Sandbanks to Monaco Grand Tour 2021

We’re anticipating that the Welsh Weekender in July will, fingers crossed, go ahead. Thanks to being a wholly UK trip we’re not dependent on overseas virus rates and all the associated issues, such as the anticipated traffic light system regarding countries we can and can’t visit. The mountains of Wales are just waiting for us to explore and we, for one, can’t wait to get out on the road again.

Make sure you’re the first to know when booking is available by signing up for updates at Welsh Weekender 2021

And… Stop Press! We’re also working on a late summer foray to Scotland. Again, as this is within the UK borders we have high hopes that this will be a goer. If you’ve never driven a supercar around the highlands, lochs and mountains of this super country then wow – are there some treats in store for you!

Head to the Radical Rally home page and join our mailing list to be kept in the loop.

The Radical Rally Coronavirus Guarantee

Of course, while we’re all keen to get bookings in the diary and head out on the open road, we want you to know that we’ve got your back should things go, ahem – a bit awry. After the past year we all know that the best laid plans can turn around and bite you in the ass… 

That’s why we’ve put a robust Radical Rally coronavirus guarantee in place. All our 2021 events are fully covered, meaning you can sign up safe in the knowledge that should restrictions come into force you can either get a full refund, transfer your event or postpone your rally for up to 2 years.

Read the full Ts & Cs at Radical Rally COVID guarantee

Image by icsilviu from Pixabay

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Road Trip vs. Rally – What’s the Difference?

Those with a passion for motoring, either in the latest exotic sports car or perhaps in a lovingly restored vintage motor, will always be dreaming of the next trip. But there are a few subtle differences that distinguish a rally from a road trip.

On a rally or a road trip, it’s not about the destination, it’s the pleasure in getting there that’s important. Both involve sightseeing and driving for the sheer adulterated pleasure of handling your prized motor on unknown highways and byways. There’s no defining distance or length of time to mark one from the other, so let’s look at what makes it a rally rather than a road trip.

Road trips – Laid-back and go-as-you-please

If you’re planning an easy-going trip, driving your dream motor through Europe’s pleasant scenery and stopping wherever you fancy, odds are you’ll be doing a road trip. Road trips are to car fanatics what long-distance solo hikes are to walkers. They are journeys by road, taking days or even weeks. They are loosely planned and the main purpose is to enjoy the drive – wherever that may take you.

On a road trip there’s only you (and perhaps your co-pilot/passenger) to think about. You can be spontaneous, turning off to explore a promised waterfall, pretty village, attractive restaurant or other local landmark.  

Rallies – Meticulously planned and sociable

A rally may have the same goals of enjoying the drive, the scenery and the thrill of putting your favourite motor through its paces. However, a rally is dependent upon a third party – a company or person who has mapped out every detail down to the last minutia.

While some rallies may only last a few hours, most are longer experiences. Some rallies have Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) events or conclude with a concourse. Others simply record your data for your own personal interest without it being an actual race, such as the famous Gumball 3000 and our very own Radical Rallies. 

Most amateur leisure rallies include exclusive evenings of wining and dining, taking in the specialty cuisine of the region you are visiting. Look forward to sharing the joys of the day with fun people, exchanging humorous anecdotes, discussing the merits of your motor, and trading tips about other great routes to drive.

What to drive

Rallies bring together like-minded drivers and their particular pride and joy, usually a quality marque or limited edition vehicle designed to turn envious heads as you sweep by. Most rallies are limited to particular brands or types of luxury sports cars. For example, you may find a rally specifically for Tesla users, carefully planned to take into account distances and charging points on each joy-filled leg of the route.

Other rallies may be specific to a brand, such as Porsche. They can include all models from the early rear-engine Porsche 356 coupes to the newest Porsche 911 GT3. These latest models remain unfazed on even the toughest Paris-Dakar Rally, a gruelling off-road endurance event with a coveted trophy, but that’s another story. Most rallies, such as our Sandbanks to Monaco Grand Tour, simply have a participant’s list of eligible wheels.

The route

Rallies involve driving a pre-determined route independently but in the company of other drivers with a similar passion for motoring.The journey will be carefully planned to take in some of the best highlights, scenery and landmarks in the area.

You can expect it to include some exclusive tours and private experiences that money can’t buy. These may be once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as an audience with a motor racing legend or the chance to ogle some priceless motors that have made their mark in racing history. Rally organisers also have the clout to arrange afternoon tea with a local celebrity from the motoring world, a private tour and tasting at an exclusive vineyard, or perhaps the chance to see behind closed doors of a private museum or estate.

Exclusive rally benefits

At the end of each day on a rally, you will be checking into some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and boutique accommodations. Your booking will already have been made and your luggage will be waiting for you in your room. No problem that your Lamborghini Gran Turismo has next-to-no luggage space or you have an awkward Porsche Boxster frunk (that’s front trunk/boot for those from the non-Porsche-speaking world). These supercars were made for driving and enjoying, carrying a few designer shopping bags and a bottle of Moët at most.  

With a rally, all you need to do is read the prospectus, make your booking and dream. Everything else is taken care of. You’ll get a carefully detailed route and all ferry, restaurant and accommodation bookings are included in the price. From the exclusive launch party to the final celebration banquet, a rally is the ultimate road trip with knobs on.  

Image by Marlene Bitzer from Pixabay

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