Get your car out of the garage and onto the open road where it belongs.

Radical Rally is a curated event featuring fantastic driving conditions across some of the most awe-inspiring roads in the world, with picturesque landscapes that make you feel like you’re part of a movie, traveling in ultimate luxury from one beautifully thrilling place to another.

One day you’re arriving at one of Europe’s top hotels of distinction, the next you’re rolling out onto the tarmac of a world renowned race track and anticipating the upcoming day’s events to compliment the driving in-between.

“Get your car out of the garage and onto the open road”

That’s the sentiment that started it off, stemmed from a desire to break out of the routine and rekindle the excitement once felt when making the dream supercar purchase, after all, no one buys it just to take on weekend brunch trips or spend time scaring pigeons around the city centre, they’re exotic beasts that belong in exotic places.

So, what aspects did we want to nail to create the ultimate driving experience?

1. Meticulous organisation and a seamless experience

A lot of things seperate a Radical Rally from the rest.

We wanted to consider every possible detail so that everything feels like a luxury, from driving the routes in confidence knowing they’re the utmost best on offer in Europe, from the famous to the hidden gems. We also know how precious each and every one of these cars on the rally are to people, that’s why car security is a priority from insurance, breakdown assistance to safeguarding during your stays – you can rest-assured knowing we’ve thought of it all, so you don’t have to.

After all, Radical Rally opens up opportunities for you to explore in ways you’ve always wanted to, but couldn’t.

2. Support at every turn

It’s not just our events that are unique. We have a great team, driven by two highly-experienced motoring enthusiasts with an unrivalled motorsport pedigree, that deliver outstanding customer service from the moment you apply.

3. Good company

After all, it’s the company that make a trip worthwhile – we take great care in ensuring we present ourselves as a reflection of the adventurous, interesting people who want to experience our rallies. We carefully select those that take part in our rallies, so you share your incredible experience with like-minded, friendly car enthusiasts. People you can create amazing memories with and will want to meet again long after the rally has ended.

Who is doing all of this?

Well, let’s introduce Rad, A car lover, boat builder and entrepreneur, Rad started Radical Rally as a way to get supercars out of their garages and onto the open road where they belong. He’s also the son of former South African racing driver Rad Dougall (yes, they have the same name) who raced in Formula 2 and Formula Ford 2000 in the 70s and 80s.

Alongside Rad, there’s a team of experienced hospitality and motorsports enthusiasts working tirelessly to select only the finest event experiences from entertainment to accommodation. Then there’s the 24-hour support crew ensuring security and safety on the road and off. You can see the whole team here.

What’s next for Radical Rally?

We are currently focusing all of our care and attention on the Sandbanks to Monaco grand tour, our inaugural rally set across 7 days in superb cities, we are setting out to prove a point, to show what a rally really can be and rest assured once we’re back there will be stories, film and photographs to prove it.

Once we’re back it’s on to the next one, with the pioneering participants invited for early access on to the next 2020 excursions, whether it’s the welsh weekender or the European 8-in-8, traversing eight countries over eight days.

We are in the process of creating a global brand that’s synonymous with luxury, prestige, distinction and good times.