GT (Grand Tourer) or Supercar for a Rally or Road Trip?

Planning on hitting the road? Then you might want to give a little thought as to your choice of wheels, and whether you’ll get the best experience from  GT or supercar.

We have to say, it’s a tough call. Each has a plethora of reasons why they’d be preferable, and when push comes to shove, it boils down to a matter of personal preference. So let’s drill deeper into the attributes of both rides, and finish up with a few road test results for cars produced over the last decade.

The Basic Differences Between a GT and a Supercar

The main difference between the two is that a GT (grand tourer or grand turismo) is a sports car that’s been given a few upgrades to provide extra comfort when driving long distances. For instance, they might boast:

  • Softer suspension
  • More luggage space
  • Larger, more comfortable seats
  • Body kits

Because of this, they tend to be heavier and larger than sports and supercars, but are still considered to be incredibly high performance vehicles.

A supercar tends to be defined by a single overriding characteristic: namely, performance – both in speed and handling. This increased capability leads to cars that are a little harder to handle than a GT, and the usability and comfort tends to be compromised. But, let’s face it, supercars have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that stirs something primeval in the pit of any red-blooded male… And it’s this very aspect that makes them an aspirational vehicle to drive and own.

However, there’s no doubting that today’s supercars are certainly far more user-friendly than those of yesteryear, and many people happily drive them on a regular basis and enjoy their prestige and sheer muscle on shorter road trips.

5 Reasons to Choose a GT for your Road Trip

These are some of the reasons you might sway towards a GT for your road trip adventure.

1.     The combination of performance and luxury: Specifically designed for on-road use, you benefit from additional levels of comfort and an awesome level of kick-ass power when you hit the gas…

2.     Designed for high-speed driving with long distances in mind: The best GT cars boast the best characteristics of sport/supercars, but they’re not as mentally or physically tiring to drive for extended periods of time.

3.     More room for kit: They have more space to pack your bags and anything else you might want to bring with you on a road trip.

4.     Better for your passengers: Your co-driver and/or passengers demand a level of comfort as well. GTs tend to have a bigger cabin so make for a nicer experience for those not behind the wheel.

5.     Look pretty damn cool!: GTs don’t lag behind in the looks stakes. Examples include the Mercedes GT Coupe, the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo and the undeniably sexy Lexus LC that even boasts a hybrid version if you’re thinking of your carbon footprint.

5 Reasons to Choose a Supercar for your Road Trip

Of course, if power is where it’s at, then you won’t need any convincing that a supercar is the only way to go…

1.     They offer the ultimate in performance: Quite simply, nothing compares to a supercar when it comes to road-legal performance. Offering an experience only slightly tweaked from pure track cars, you can push your driving skills to the limit on a long distance, supercar road trip.

2.     You’ll turn heads wherever you go: There’s something about the look and guttural growl of a supercar that hits something in our inner psyche—we challenge anyone to not turn in awe to view the sheer magnificence of, for example,  a Lamborghini Huracán Evo or a Maserati Quattroporte.

3.     They’re dedicated to speed: Whether this means opening it up on the German autobahns or testing your corner and bends skills on mountain roads, you can rest easy that nothing has been sacrificed in order to provide you a racetrack-handling experience.

4.     However hard you push it, there’s still more to give: Most of us will never achieve the full potential of a supercar’s abilities. But hey—that’s surely part of their charm? You can also take a road trip detour to spend some time on a racetrack along the way, further developing your driving talents in a car that will always rise to the occasion.

5.     They—Look—Awesome… End of…

Which GT or Supercar? The best road tests of the last decade

2014 McLaren 650 S

McLaren is perhaps one of the first marques to spring to mind when you think of supercars. And for good reason. The 2014 McLaren 650 S comes in a Spider and Coupe version that got the balance between performance, grunt, and drivability just right, in our humble opinion. If you’re looking for the upgraded version, its 2017 replacement – the 720 S is a lighter, stiffer alternative for the power-purists out there.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador 

Elegant and with aeronautic-inspired design, this 2012 Lambo is as impressive today as it was when it first hit the streets. Choose from the roadster or coupe version for a drive that kicks ass and guarantees all eyes will be on you, whether you’re ripping up the tarmac or posing through town…

2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

The minor changes made on the previous model elevated this GT from awesome to simply-freakin’-incredible! OK, so it didn’t rock Clarkson’s world (but then, does anyone really take his word as gospel on everything…?), but the 2015 version drew legions of happy punters across the world to extol its virtues.

2019 Bentley Continental GT

A grand tourer in every sense of the word, this is the epitome of comfort, performance, and head-turning glory that you expect from one of the most prestigious car-makers in the world. A technologically evolved machine that may not take your breath away in the way that supercar might, but in the GT class it sits proudly at the very top of the tree.

So… What is the Best GT or Supercar for a Road Trip?

So… GT or supercar for a road trip? The answer really does depend on your vibe.

Interestingly, the best car for road trips might differ according to your needs at the time. Are you taking a passenger or the family? Are you heading to a location to pit your driving abilities against the terrain? Do you need to take loads of stuff with you? Such factors will influence your requirements and help determine whether a GT or supercar will best suit your requirements.

Whichever you settle on, enjoy. Remember it really is the ride the counts, so select your chariot with the care it deserves. 

Happy motoring

Images by sylway Voorhuissen and Cam Bowers from Pixabay

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Road Trip vs. Rally – What’s the Difference?

Those with a passion for motoring, either in the latest exotic sports car or perhaps in a lovingly restored vintage motor, will always be dreaming of the next trip. But there are a few subtle differences that distinguish a rally from a road trip.

On a rally or a road trip, it’s not about the destination, it’s the pleasure in getting there that’s important. Both involve sightseeing and driving for the sheer adulterated pleasure of handling your prized motor on unknown highways and byways. There’s no defining distance or length of time to mark one from the other, so let’s look at what makes it a rally rather than a road trip.

Road trips – Laid-back and go-as-you-please

If you’re planning an easy-going trip, driving your dream motor through Europe’s pleasant scenery and stopping wherever you fancy, odds are you’ll be doing a road trip. Road trips are to car fanatics what long-distance solo hikes are to walkers. They are journeys by road, taking days or even weeks. They are loosely planned and the main purpose is to enjoy the drive – wherever that may take you.

On a road trip there’s only you (and perhaps your co-pilot/passenger) to think about. You can be spontaneous, turning off to explore a promised waterfall, pretty village, attractive restaurant or other local landmark.  

Rallies – Meticulously planned and sociable

A rally may have the same goals of enjoying the drive, the scenery and the thrill of putting your favourite motor through its paces. However, a rally is dependent upon a third party – a company or person who has mapped out every detail down to the last minutia.

While some rallies may only last a few hours, most are longer experiences. Some rallies have Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) events or conclude with a concourse. Others simply record your data for your own personal interest without it being an actual race, such as the famous Gumball 3000 and our very own Radical Rallies. 

Most amateur leisure rallies include exclusive evenings of wining and dining, taking in the specialty cuisine of the region you are visiting. Look forward to sharing the joys of the day with fun people, exchanging humorous anecdotes, discussing the merits of your motor, and trading tips about other great routes to drive.

What to drive

Rallies bring together like-minded drivers and their particular pride and joy, usually a quality marque or limited edition vehicle designed to turn envious heads as you sweep by. Most rallies are limited to particular brands or types of luxury sports cars. For example, you may find a rally specifically for Tesla users, carefully planned to take into account distances and charging points on each joy-filled leg of the route.

Other rallies may be specific to a brand, such as Porsche. They can include all models from the early rear-engine Porsche 356 coupes to the newest Porsche 911 GT3. These latest models remain unfazed on even the toughest Paris-Dakar Rally, a gruelling off-road endurance event with a coveted trophy, but that’s another story. Most rallies, such as our Sandbanks to Monaco Grand Tour, simply have a participant’s list of eligible wheels.

The route

Rallies involve driving a pre-determined route independently but in the company of other drivers with a similar passion for motoring.The journey will be carefully planned to take in some of the best highlights, scenery and landmarks in the area.

You can expect it to include some exclusive tours and private experiences that money can’t buy. These may be once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as an audience with a motor racing legend or the chance to ogle some priceless motors that have made their mark in racing history. Rally organisers also have the clout to arrange afternoon tea with a local celebrity from the motoring world, a private tour and tasting at an exclusive vineyard, or perhaps the chance to see behind closed doors of a private museum or estate.

Exclusive rally benefits

At the end of each day on a rally, you will be checking into some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and boutique accommodations. Your booking will already have been made and your luggage will be waiting for you in your room. No problem that your Lamborghini Gran Turismo has next-to-no luggage space or you have an awkward Porsche Boxster frunk (that’s front trunk/boot for those from the non-Porsche-speaking world). These supercars were made for driving and enjoying, carrying a few designer shopping bags and a bottle of Moët at most.  

With a rally, all you need to do is read the prospectus, make your booking and dream. Everything else is taken care of. You’ll get a carefully detailed route and all ferry, restaurant and accommodation bookings are included in the price. From the exclusive launch party to the final celebration banquet, a rally is the ultimate road trip with knobs on.  

Image by Marlene Bitzer from Pixabay

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