From Fantasy to Affordable: Supercars for Every Budget

For petrolheads everywhere, owning and driving a supercar ranks way, way up on the bucket list. But is it a realistic ambition? Is there really such a thing as  affordable supercars?

You bet your ass there is…

The ultimate ride can, very easily, represent an eye-wateringly substantial outlay – in some cases you’d probably pay less for your own private Caribbean island! Happily, we’ve got some great news. If a supercar is on your ideal gift list, then there’s sure to be an option that fits the bill. And if your numbers come up on the lottery…? Well, there’s a fantasy set of wheels out there that’ll look pretty neat parked on your driveway.

So, without further ado. Let’s take a look at some of the supercar options that you could go out and purchase today.

Affordable Supercars to Dream Machines (AKA only in your dreams)

  • 2 genuinely affordable supercars
  • 2 affordable(ish) supercars within the realms of reasons 
  • If you need to ask, you can’t afford it (but there’s nowt wrong with fantasising)

2 genuinely affordable supercars

Most of us have a car. And if you’re reading this, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that the sleek lines and all manner of power beneath the bonnet is something you aspire to add to your assets. After all, if you’re going to the expense of tax, MOT, insurance, fuel, maintenance and all the other aspects of car ownership, then it makes perfect sense to have one that you love.

So let’s take a look at some of the cars that you could realistically consider purchasing today.

  • Lotus Elise: Coming in at £41,214 to £49,145 for the latest models, according to What Car, the ever-vibrant Elise is certainly a great option. Of course, if you can’t stretch to that you can always pick up a second-hand version for far less. With a more than acceptable 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds, it might not have the rocket-like take off of some of the others we’re going to talk about, but it’s certainly enough to make your eyes water. You could also consider the Lotus Exige, with prices starting from £68,465.
  • Nissan GTR: Another realistic option, starting at £83,865 from new, this little baby is all about the power and the speed. Boasting 3.5 seconds to rip from 0-60mph, it’ll certainly leave most other road vehicles standing in its wake. If you can’t stretch to a new model you can pick up extraordinary bargains for models dating back a few years.

2 affordable(ish) supercars within the realms of reason 

  • Audi R8: You’ll have to part with over £111,000 of the Queen’s pounds to own a new R8. But if it’s speed you’re after, then the 5.2 litre V10 model is enough to make you weep with joy. Plus, it’s not too shabby in the looks department either…
  • Aston Martin Vantage: Starting at around £120,000 new, the Vantage certainly isn’t cheap. But if you’re happy to go for a pre-owned model, then you can benefit from a significant reduction on this price. It’s got plenty of grunt, as you’d expect from such a 007-esque vehicle, not to mention the many admiring glances you’ll attract as you cruise the leafy lanes of suburbia.

If you need to ask, you can’t afford it (but there’s nowt wrong with fantasising)

  • Bugatti La Voiture Noire: Last year, Cristiano Ronaldo added what’s reputed to be the most expensive road legal car ever made to his collection. At a cool £13 million (18 million US dollars), it’s not one that most of us will get the chance to take ownership of – and that’s because, even if we could, only a single model has been produced. If there ever was an item that represented quite how much a superstar footballer earns, then this Bugatti has to be it. And yes, it’s an obscene amount of money. But go on – admit it. If you could, you would, wouldn’t you?
  • Pagani Huayra Tricolore: Insanely fast, this uber-light carbon fibre speed machine boasts a 8.4L twin turbo V6 engine built by Mercedes AMG. Only three are to be produced in 2021, and from the very first glance it’s obvious that the design is all about reaching the upper echelons of velocity. Whilst its looks scream race track, it is – in fact – a fully road legal set of wheels. So if you’ve the odd £4.9 million (5.5 million euro) hanging around, then maybe it’s time to book yourself a test drive.

Whatever level you set your sights upon, supercar driving really is available to all. The fun factor is set to max, no matter whether you’re behind the wheel of a Lotus Elise, Bugatti’s dream machine or anything in between. And while Ronaldo’s motor might not hit the second hand market anytime soon, other crazily-priced vehicles become affordable supercars as the years go by. Now… Where are the latest listings on Auto Trader?

Image by lbrownstone from Pixabay

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Driving a Supercar in Europe? The kit you really need to pack.

Much has been written about the bits and pieces you need to take when driving in Europe. Passports, insurance, driving licence, blah blah blah… Here at Radical Rally we like to credit our readers with a little bit of nous – we kinda think that you’ve already got the obvious on the list.

The thing is, rolling in a supercar is a little different from, say a 4×4, tourer, or even a regular family estate. Not only do you have way less room for random stuff, there’s also slightly differing needs. So without further ado, here’s our alternative list for the must-haves to pack when driving in Europe.

Driving in Europe: The supercar essentials

OK, so it goes without saying that minimalist is the way forward. However, on your travels you need to be prepared for every occasion. One minute you’re hiking in the Pyrenees, the next you’re donning your glad rags to hit the casinos in Monte Carlo. Dressing to impress from the storage space of an Aston or Lambo takes careful consideration.

Packing a space saving wardrobe

Ladies can’t go wrong with a classic, soft-touch tunic dress. Check out this one from Hotouch. It takes up minimal room and can be dressed up or down with a simple change of footwear. Add a beautiful scarf, such as one from Tory Burch, and you’re all set to rub shoulders with any royalty or celebs you might meet on your travels.

Guys will love the ease of the crease-resistant range from Orvis. Team an Oxford shirt with a waistcoat for that no-jacket-required vibe. If you don’t want to waste precious packing room on an extra pair of trousers, then rock the look with a dark-coloured pair of trekking pants. You’ll be amazed at how smart they are, plus you can go for a convertible option so they double as shorts as well. 

A light pair of flippies works for warm, everyday wear. We’re fans of those from Reef, but there’s loads out there to choose from. When the mercury drops think insulating but light, such as these Merino men’s wool runners from All Birds. They’re also slick enough to be worn to that silver service restaurant in St Moritz as well.

We could go on but we think you get the picture. Select your wardrobe carefully and it’ll only take up minimal room in the (virtually non-existent) storage space.

Getting techie with it…

No doubt you’ve already got a phone with a great camera, such as the  iPhone 12 Pro, or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. But if you’re anything like us then you like to travel with a few extra gadgets. By far the best way to get a selection of devices online while abroad is with a mobile WiFi router. Huawei do both 4G and 5G options that connect up to 10 phones/tablets/laptops. Just insert a sim from any country and boom! WiFi for them all.

Upgrade your cloud storage and you’ll never need worry about running out of room to keep those holiday snaps. Include a plug adaptor (get a worldwide one and be done with it), a multi-USB port and a decent power bank. We love those from Anker for their size and portability.

Finding your way when driving in Europe

While some supercars might sport a sat-nav, many remove such luxuries for the additional grunt and power we all crave from our ride. So download the necessary onto your phone – Waze is our favourite by far. Mostly because it gives you great community sourced updates on speed traps and Police locations.

You might also want to consider these apps because they can be accessed offline (provided you have downloaded the maps for your area in advance).

  • Google maps
  • Here WeGo
  • Sygic GPS

You might also want to slide an old-fashioned European map book in somewhere, just in case of any IT issues.

A little bit of luxury

Of course, you don’t want to leave all the home comforts behind. So pack a Molton Brown travel set for when the hotel toiletries aren’t quite up to standard. And how about this wine cooler bag with glasses? Perfect for that sundowner tipple at that romantic beachside spot before you walk to your hotel.

When it comes to dining on the go, you’ll need a picnic blanket that’s both funky and small to pack. Those from Just A Joy take up far less room than most. You can also elevate the alfresco dining experience with a Joseph and Joseph cutlery set. After all, we might be travelling light but it doesn’t mean we need to become savages…

The key to packing a supercar for driving in Europe is down to the planning. Strip it down to the bare essentials – then see how much room you’ve got left. That’s the area you can fill with those can’t-live-without luxuries. And with the small blip of lockdown that we’re currently living, there’s no better use of your time than getting prepped for your next big road trip. 

It’s armchair shopping at its best and the perfect way to while away the dark winter nights before the post-pandemic dawn that awaits us in 2021…

Image by MonacoCannes from Pixabay

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Supercar Camping … Is it Really a Thing?

For some people, the thought of camping (let alone supercar camping) might bring you out in a cold sweat. It might also encourage comments, such as, “Over my dead body” or “I’d rather stick pins in my eyes”, etc etc. If you’re of that ilk then you’ve probably already clicked to another page. 

However, (and bear with us here), while camping and supercars might not seem like natural bedfellows, the two actually have more in common than you might think. Not yet convinced? Well, consider the following:

  1. Supercars aren’t really built for comfort. Instead, they’re built for the very things that petrol heads crave – power and speed. Indeed, unless you’re in the realms of the Mclaren 650S or the Acura NSX, then the driving experience hasn’t exactly been optimised for your comfort. And guess what? Camping is the same! While you might not get to snuggle on a memory foam blanket cosseted by four walls and air con/heating (delete as appropriate), what you do have is ultimate freedom. Plus, if you get the location right – an idyllic backdrop that you don’t have to share with anyone.
  2. You need to be a bit ‘out there’ to camp – or drive a supercar: And that, surely, is a reason to do both. After all, who the heck wants to be normal? (What is normal, anyway?).
  3. They’re both perfect for minimalists: Happy campers know exactly what they can do without while still remaining in (relative) comfort. Supercar makers – and by association, their drivers – have also learned to live without those little luxury driving extras.

Enough of all that. What about the Practicalities of Camping with a Supercar?

First and foremost – supercar camping is possible. With a little forethought, there’s nothing stopping you loading up the boot and/or even the roof (yes, really) with a few little comforts that allow you to spend a few (or many) nights under the stars.

Now, we’re not pretending that you’ve got room to pack a lot of kit. Attempting to squeeze all your gear into the storage of a supercar is like trying to find room in the overhead lockers when you’re last to board a Ryanair flight!   But… The camping industry has spent mucho money and effort creating decent gear that’s ever-smaller and ever-lighter. Designed so long distance hikers, runners, cyclists and the like can go native for weeks on end, it’s perfect for camping with your supercar. The kit might not be cheap, but you’ll be amazed at what’s out there and how comfortable it can make a supercar camping trip.

Can’t Do Without Kit: Somewhere to sleep

Unless you’re going Australian and rolling up in a swag, this is going to mean a tent. Now, we have seen pictures of roof tents added to Porsches – something that requires specialist roof bars added to the car. We’re not suggesting anything so extreme. Instead, go for ultra-light tents that are made by companies such as Terra Nova and MSR

Partner them with a decent sleeping mat and you’ll be surprised at quite how good a night’s sleep you can have. Top tip – going for a slightly bulkier sleeping mat, such as the Exped Mega Mat might mean sacrifices in other areas of storage, but we promise that it’s worth it….

Decent bedding is another must-have item. Snuggly sleeping bags that pack into a miniscule bag is the kind of camping tech we were alluding to. Alpkit do a great selection of synthetic sleepers, including traditional cocoon style or those that unzip into a quilt.

There’s so much good camping kit out there, just be sure to check you’ve packed the necessities. While supercar camping is, by nature, minimalist, at a bare minimum you’ll need:

  • Water, and a way to boil it for your morning cuppa
  • PJs
  • A ground sheet to run between the car and your tent
  • Food and cooking utensils
  • A change of clothes/warm layer (this is the UK, after all). And while we’re on that subject – don’t forget the waterproofs

Supercar camping locations

The next practicality is where you plan to go. While the world is your oyster if you’re driving, say, a Land Rover Defender, a Ferrari or Lambo doesn’t offer quite the same flexibility. Most importantly, supercars certainly don’t have anywhere near the ground clearance, meaning you need to keep to decent(ish) roads. 

This does limit your choices somewhat. But with a little imagination you can still wild camp with a supercar. Areas such as Northumberland National Park are a fab example, with responsible camping actively encouraged by the forestry commission. You simply pull up in a car park and pay your tenner (or whatever it costs) into an honesty box. You’ll likely be the only person there to enjoy one of the UK’s best Dark Sky locations.

The area and coastline from North Lincolnshire up to North Yorkshire is also a beautiful and relatively wild part of our wonderful island. Plus you could stop off for a track day at Cadwell Park to blow away the cobwebs.

Other, further afield locations (post-pandemic, it goes without saying) that offer true supercar camping potential include the mountains of Europe. We also love the azure shores of the South of France. And if you don’t mind the shipping faff of getting your car there, the good ol’ US of A. For the latter you’ll need a specialist transporter, such as Straight Eight Logistics. These guys are truly experienced in the movement of super and classic cars by air, sea or land.

So yes! With some care, planning, and a will to do something a little bit different, it’s truly possible to go camping with your supercar. 

Or, of course, you could simply book into a decent hotel…

Can’t decide what car to take? We’ve already compared supercars to grand tourers for you.

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Supercar Porn: Speed, sound, & looks for the ultimate dream ride

What’s the next best thing to driving your dream machine in an awesome location? It’s got to be salivating over others indulging in the act that’s the fantasy of every red-blooded male out there (and, we have to say, a healthy number of uber-cool ladies too – no sexism allowed here, thank you very much…). Welcome to the Best Supercar Driving Experiences: The ultimate speed machines.

So come – join us on a cruising flight of fancy as we discover some of the best supercar driving experiences, not to mention fawning over some of the most amazing feats of engineering known to man. 

Welcome to supercar porn…

Go Gumball… OO7 style

600 miles in an Aston Martin Vulcan! What’s not to like…?

Ferrari vs. McLaren vs. Lambo

We challenge you to predict the outcome in this epic drag race… This is sound and vision at its very best – guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Listen and Dream: Some of the world’s rarest supercars

OK, so you might need a lottery win to be able to get your hands on something like this. But even watching and listening gives us the feels…

Drifting in a Beemer

Love his or loathe him, watching the Hamster go back to driving school is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

The Fastest of 2020

Speed isn’t everything. Although – when you feast your eyes on these beauties then, actually, velocity is pretty high up on the “I want it” scale…

And then there’s the Most Expensive…

Introducing our 2020 list for Father Christmas…

Presidential Choices: From boring to ostentatious

A fascinating walk through the cars of all the US presidents. Who d’you think has the most OTT collection? (P.S. There’s no prizes for guessing correctly, btw…)

When it comes to pinning down the best supercar driving experience we’ve all got differing ideas as to what car takes the top spot. In our humble opinion, it all comes down to the vibes you get on the day – and not necessarily dependent on the price or spec of your wheels.

Here’s hoping you got as much of a buzz watching these vids as we did. Maybe next time we’ll do a ‘best of’ list featuring our personal selfies and films from some of our best rally moments –  and really rile the green-eyed monster within you.

‘Till then – keep it real, keep cruisin’, and most of all – keep having a blast…

Image by DRIVAR from Pixabay

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GT (Grand Tourer) or Supercar for a Rally or Road Trip?

Planning on hitting the road? Then you might want to give a little thought as to your choice of wheels, and whether you’ll get the best experience from  GT or supercar.

We have to say, it’s a tough call. Each has a plethora of reasons why they’d be preferable, and when push comes to shove, it boils down to a matter of personal preference. So let’s drill deeper into the attributes of both rides, and finish up with a few road test results for cars produced over the last decade.

The Basic Differences Between a GT and a Supercar

The main difference between the two is that a GT (grand tourer or grand turismo) is a sports car that’s been given a few upgrades to provide extra comfort when driving long distances. For instance, they might boast:

  • Softer suspension
  • More luggage space
  • Larger, more comfortable seats
  • Body kits

Because of this, they tend to be heavier and larger than sports and supercars, but are still considered to be incredibly high performance vehicles.

A supercar tends to be defined by a single overriding characteristic: namely, performance – both in speed and handling. This increased capability leads to cars that are a little harder to handle than a GT, and the usability and comfort tends to be compromised. But, let’s face it, supercars have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that stirs something primeval in the pit of any red-blooded male… And it’s this very aspect that makes them an aspirational vehicle to drive and own.

However, there’s no doubting that today’s supercars are certainly far more user-friendly than those of yesteryear, and many people happily drive them on a regular basis and enjoy their prestige and sheer muscle on shorter road trips.

5 Reasons to Choose a GT for your Road Trip

These are some of the reasons you might sway towards a GT for your road trip adventure.

1.     The combination of performance and luxury: Specifically designed for on-road use, you benefit from additional levels of comfort and an awesome level of kick-ass power when you hit the gas…

2.     Designed for high-speed driving with long distances in mind: The best GT cars boast the best characteristics of sport/supercars, but they’re not as mentally or physically tiring to drive for extended periods of time.

3.     More room for kit: They have more space to pack your bags and anything else you might want to bring with you on a road trip.

4.     Better for your passengers: Your co-driver and/or passengers demand a level of comfort as well. GTs tend to have a bigger cabin so make for a nicer experience for those not behind the wheel.

5.     Look pretty damn cool!: GTs don’t lag behind in the looks stakes. Examples include the Mercedes GT Coupe, the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo and the undeniably sexy Lexus LC that even boasts a hybrid version if you’re thinking of your carbon footprint.

5 Reasons to Choose a Supercar for your Road Trip

Of course, if power is where it’s at, then you won’t need any convincing that a supercar is the only way to go…

1.     They offer the ultimate in performance: Quite simply, nothing compares to a supercar when it comes to road-legal performance. Offering an experience only slightly tweaked from pure track cars, you can push your driving skills to the limit on a long distance, supercar road trip.

2.     You’ll turn heads wherever you go: There’s something about the look and guttural growl of a supercar that hits something in our inner psyche—we challenge anyone to not turn in awe to view the sheer magnificence of, for example,  a Lamborghini Huracán Evo or a Maserati Quattroporte.

3.     They’re dedicated to speed: Whether this means opening it up on the German autobahns or testing your corner and bends skills on mountain roads, you can rest easy that nothing has been sacrificed in order to provide you a racetrack-handling experience.

4.     However hard you push it, there’s still more to give: Most of us will never achieve the full potential of a supercar’s abilities. But hey—that’s surely part of their charm? You can also take a road trip detour to spend some time on a racetrack along the way, further developing your driving talents in a car that will always rise to the occasion.

5.     They—Look—Awesome… End of…

Which GT or Supercar? The best road tests of the last decade

2014 McLaren 650 S

McLaren is perhaps one of the first marques to spring to mind when you think of supercars. And for good reason. The 2014 McLaren 650 S comes in a Spider and Coupe version that got the balance between performance, grunt, and drivability just right, in our humble opinion. If you’re looking for the upgraded version, its 2017 replacement – the 720 S is a lighter, stiffer alternative for the power-purists out there.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador 

Elegant and with aeronautic-inspired design, this 2012 Lambo is as impressive today as it was when it first hit the streets. Choose from the roadster or coupe version for a drive that kicks ass and guarantees all eyes will be on you, whether you’re ripping up the tarmac or posing through town…

2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

The minor changes made on the previous model elevated this GT from awesome to simply-freakin’-incredible! OK, so it didn’t rock Clarkson’s world (but then, does anyone really take his word as gospel on everything…?), but the 2015 version drew legions of happy punters across the world to extol its virtues.

2019 Bentley Continental GT

A grand tourer in every sense of the word, this is the epitome of comfort, performance, and head-turning glory that you expect from one of the most prestigious car-makers in the world. A technologically evolved machine that may not take your breath away in the way that supercar might, but in the GT class it sits proudly at the very top of the tree.

So… What is the Best GT or Supercar for a Road Trip?

So… GT or supercar for a road trip? The answer really does depend on your vibe.

Interestingly, the best car for road trips might differ according to your needs at the time. Are you taking a passenger or the family? Are you heading to a location to pit your driving abilities against the terrain? Do you need to take loads of stuff with you? Such factors will influence your requirements and help determine whether a GT or supercar will best suit your requirements.

Whichever you settle on, enjoy. Remember it really is the ride the counts, so select your chariot with the care it deserves. 

Happy motoring

Images by sylway Voorhuissen and Cam Bowers from Pixabay

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Why It’s The Journey, Not The Destination, That’s Important

Much as we all love an extended road trip, every single time you slide behind the wheel should be an experience. Remember that shiver of pleasure the day you went from supercar virgin to a paid up member of what is a truly an exclusive club? Well, here at Radical Rally we’re all about ensuring the thrill of the romance is as fresh today as it was the day your vehicle first seduced you with its ample charms…

Why We Love Driving

Can you remember what made you fall in love with driving? Perhaps it was the sense of freedom – of being in charge of your destiny. Maybe learning the art of car control, or the feeling of power as you hit the gas? Undoubtedly for supercar owners, there’s the thrill of speed, the wheels eating up the miles as you roll and the advanced ability of your vehicle to take corners and bends without a twitch.

The following are some of our favourite reasons we love being out on the open road, no matter where we might be heading.

  • The sense of control: Behind the wheel is perhaps the one place where you experience true control. Your ability to handle the power is yours and yours alone, and every decision you make is crucial to the quality of the drive. This level of total control is something 21st century life doesn’t often allow, making it one of the premier reasons to love being in the driving seat.
  • Privacy and solitude: How often do you really get that yearned-for ‘me time’? In a country where 24/7 attention is not only expected, but demanded, it’s certainly not a common occurrence. Shutting out the world as you drive gives you the peace and clarity to exit the rat race, allowing you to direct your thoughts and emotions in whichever way you choose without any external influences.
  • The adventure: Every drive is a quest – an undertaking of discovery. What’s around the next corner? Are you ready for the unexpected? You’re honing your driving skills and pushing the boundaries of how to best test your car’s power and ability. To be honest, nothing compares. The day the rush of driving your supercar dims is the moment you subconsciously resign yourself to swapping your supercar for ownership of a people carrier (let’s pray that time never arrives…)
  • Late night drives to a favourite playlist: The hours of darkness are one of the ultimate times to enjoy your supercar. Bluetooth your essential playlist as you roll and boom! It’s as close to paradise as you can get on Mother Earth.
  • Smiles per gallon: Okay, okay, we know it’s litres now, but it’s not as catchy. The roar of the engine, the gurgle of the exhaust, the whoosh of the turbo… Quite simply, we love the unique sounds our cars make as we drive. And if the sound of a perfectly tuned V8 revving at full chat doesn’t move you almost to tears then, to put it bluntly – there’s not much hope of us being friends…

To Plan Or Not To Plan?

A question we often contemplate is whether or not to map out a driving route or whether to ‘go rogue’. The latter would always be the preference because, after all, there are nearly always multiple ways to get from A to B.

Sure, you might be planning a substantial road trip, maybe heading to a particular country or region of the UK. But who says you have to follow a mapped route? How many times have you passed a turning and wondered where it leads? 

More importantly, what’s stopping you from finding out? Just turn, drive, and see what destiny brings. In today’s age of sat-nav and GPS, you’re unlikely to get lost. And if you do? Well, it just might lead you to a road that offers one of the most memorable drives of your life…

Great Driving Roads In The UK

Okay… So sometimes you might want to have a destination in mind. In the UK, despite its relatively small size and ever-growing amount of traffic, we’re delightfully well off for awesome roads to drive, enjoy and test our skills. It doesn’t matter where you live, there’s sure to be a classic driving opportunity within easy reach.

We could wax lyrical about commonly known routes such as the EVO Triangle (complete with its recently installed speed cameras), Cheddar Gorge (Somerset) and the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District. But we urge you to check out roads closer to home. That way, whenever you have a spare hour or two you can get out and drive, just for the sheer hell of it.

Roads such as the following:

Or… Discover your own. 

(we also have some great suggestions for amazing driving roads in Europe if you want to travel further afield)

The key to supercar happiness is the immediate thrill of the road beneath your wheels, not where you’re heading. Relish those revs and indulge your inner Hamilton with every bend and curve. Above all, enjoy.

We’ll see you out on the road.

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

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