No-one can deny that winter’s been somewhat lively this year. Depending on where you live in the country, you’ll likely have endured torrential rain, snow, ice, wind and every nuance of the whims of Mother Nature.

Of course, such weather might tempt you to wrap your car safely in the garage for the duration, waiting until the long hazy days of spring and summer once again come to pass.

But, hey! That’s not where your wheels should be. They deserve to be outside where they belong, eating up the tarmac and bringing you that longed-for adrenaline rush 24/7/365.

Why supercars are made for winter driving

Supercars take their genetics from the racetrack, benefiting from the ultimate in safety features. The latest models are fitted with incredible tech for security in all conditions, plus the penchant for AWD in certain vehicles means the grip between you and the road is never in doubt.

Here at Radical Rally, we don’t hibernate our cars in the wintertime – we enjoy them all year round. All it takes is a little foresight and planning to be prepared and ready for whatever conditions await you…

It’s all about the prep

Whether you’re driving around the UK or further afield to Europe then you’ll need to take a few steps to get your wheels winter-ready. 

  • Consider winter tyres: Many people think these are only necessary if you’re planning to drive on snow. But other aspects, such as excessive rain and ice, mean it can be beneficial to have tyres specifically designed for these conditions. Pirelli, for example, has the Cinturato winter range to combat driving in snowy, icy and wet conditions. Michelin also offers high-performance winter options that are designed to retain the handling and steering you expect and need when driving a supercar.
  • Get a vinyl wrap: One issue in winter is the excessive amount of salt and grit on the roads. There’s no denying that this can damage your paintwork, so you might want to look into the viability of wrapping your car. These vinyl wraps can be as bespoke as you like – Just be sure to inform the DVLA if you do decide to change the exterior pattern or shade (it’s a legal requirement). You can even choose to have a transparent wrap across the windscreen to protect from stone chips or the risk of flying debris.

    Another option is a clear Paint Protection Film (PPF), a semi-permanent option that, as the name suggests, protects the paintwork from stone chips and other damage. This added layer of defence is advisable whatever the season – and something specialist luxury vehicle detailing & car care provider, Radical Autoworks recommend all supercar owners take advantage of.
  • Adapt your driving techniques: Not that we’re trying to teach you how to suck eggs, but it’s worth reiterating about precautions to be taken when driving in wintry conditions. Go a little easier on the accelerator – a heavy foot on ice or slippery surfaces is never a good idea. And then there are braking distances… These can be increased by up to five times in certain conditions, so adapting your speed and distance between the vehicle in front is essential.
  •  Extra precautions in snow: The low clearance level of supercars means that if you’re driving on a snowy road, the build-up of the white stuff in the centre might catch on the underbody. With this comes a risk of reduced or loss of control. If your car has any removable low hanging parts (such as a rear diffuser) then you might want to consider removing them to prevent any damage.

Ice, Ice baby…

For the ultimate in ice and snow driving for your supercar this winter, you could always head to one of the ice driving race tracks in mainland Europe or Scandinavia. Porsche runs an ice driving experience in Levi, Finland, and Lamborghini uses a racetrack in Livigno, Italy. If you’re heading to any of the ski resorts of the Portes du Soleil, then you can take advantage of the Abondance Ice Driving Circuit, the biggest in Europe.

If you need any more proof about quite how much fun supercars of all ages and types can be on a snow track, check out this video of the first ICE (International Concours of Elegance) that took place in St. Moritz in 2019:

Of course, when driving your supercar in the winter months we’re not suggesting that you hit the road during the wrath of Ciara, Dennis or whatever the next storm heading our way is called. But wintertime can be an awesome time to enjoy your car. After all, who buys their dream vehicle simply to look at it in the garage?

Your car’s at its best when being used. So get out there and enjoy it, come rain, shine or whatever meteorological phenomenon might be gracing our green and pleasant land. 

Photo by Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash